Key strategies to adopt when recruiting for startups

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Key strategies to adopt when recruiting for startups
June 26, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Ejento
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When you’re running a flourishing startup, recruitment feels like a starting and stalling process. If you are still in the process of building strong brand recognition in the marketplace, attracting the finest talent can be challenging.

At Ejento, we specialize in recruiting for startups. In our experience, being transparent and sharing the problems your company is trying to solve is what places you ahead of your competition.

If you’re feeling stuck during the recruitment process, we’re here to offer some tips for success.

Give your candidates the golden treatment

When a candidate is truly talented, you can guarantee that other organizations are eyeballing their potential too. If others suspect they’re about to employ someone who’ll become a huge asset to their business, they’ll begin courting them in any way they can.

Giving your candidates the golden treatment allows your organization to stand out in their mind. If they attach a more positive experience with your company than they receive elsewhere, they are more likely to choose you. At Ejento, we ensure all talented candidates benefit from an amazing recruitment experience that allows them to see our clients positively.

Target employees with startup experience

Working for a startup is an experience like no other. If someone has amassed experience in established organizations, they may find the process challenging.

Those who have previous startup experience will be better equipped to deal with the fast-paced environments that startups provide. They’ll find it easier to evolve as the company does. This allows them to act as a consistent asset when challenges come their way.

If targeting employees with previous startup experience is a priority of yours, the team at Ejento will commit themselves to make it happen. We’ll draw on our connections and recruitment resources to find the right person for your business.

Alternatively, hire someone based on their attitude

Naturally, recruiting for startups doesn’t always involve getting precisely what you want. If you’re struggling to find someone with startup experience, identifying a candidate with the right attitude will take you far.

To achieve this, make sure your interview process consistently tests candidates to identify whether they have the right motivations toward your company and its aims. By focusing on a combination of their hard skills and attitude-based factors, you bring yourself closer to finding an ideal candidate.

Use a company that specializes in recruiting for startups

If you’re worried that recruiting for startups won’t yield the results you want, turn to a company that makes them happen. At Ejento, we specialize in recruiting for startups. With a legacy of successful organizations, we have a strong track record in talent acquisition.

Whether you’re seeking someone for your marketing team, PR, engineering, or another specialist field, we’ll find the right candidate for you. We’re also able to source and deliver the industry leaders you need, giving you a stronger chance of taking your company from startup to global brand.

If you’d like to discuss your recruitment requirements with us, email We will respond to all questions as quickly as possible.