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Ejento brings together the best of the recruiting world to offer unmatched insight, perspective, and experience. We are redefining recruitment for the startup era.

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Ejento is an end-to-end provider of talent acquisition and career development services and software for the startup era. Ejento enables clients – typically fast-growing Series A, Series B and Series C enterprises in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles – to hire the talent they need to execute their strategy – and empower them to best compensate, develop and motivate their organization.

Who We Were

Ejento is the combination of four of the most visionary firms in the industry, coming together to redefine recruitment.

Hero.jobs, a recruiter and recruiting software company that was focused on creating systems to power tomorrow's elite recruiting businesses. The company was founded in 2015 by Thomas Albers Frost, Joshua Furie, and Rameet Singh.

Neohire South: specialized in tech and non-tech recruiting for top VCs and technology start-ups in the greater Los Angeles area. Josh Stomel founded the company in 2007.

RockIT Recruiting, an industry-leading tech recruiting company in the San Francisco Bay Area. Cody Voellinger and Jane Buescher founded the company in June 2011.

TS2, the US growth platform for the publicly-held global HR services giant Persol Group. Yoshimi Iyadomi was at the helm of TS2 for over 20 years.

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